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Thanks for coming to my teen awareness page! If you are teen like me then you made the right decision by coming here. If you have a problem you should always look for help. Even if you don't have any problems with drugs, alchohol, smoking, or teen pregnancy yet but you want to know more about them so you can make the right decision when you come faced with that problem you have come to the right place! Below is every link to every teen awareness related page on the internet that I could find. Also if you didn't quite find what your looking for you can search the lycos search engine at the bottom of the page! Also E-Mail me with questions and comments.

Links to Other Teen Awareness Pages

The Teen Awareness Program:
Anheuser-Busch--drinking and driving prevention:
Teen Aids Awareness:
The Jason Foundation:
Parents Against Speeding Teens:
Youth Guard:
Teen Talk Online:

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Alex Miller
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