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The Kenny in a Glass Award and The Otto Award!!!

Yah, I can tell you really want to win these awards!!!! Well I'm sorry only people with South Park related pages can win The Kenny In A Glass Award and only Simpsons related pages can win The Otto Award. But if you qualify for one of the awards just fill out the form and submit it!!! These awards are moderately hard to win, not just any site will win! If you win you'll site will be listed here on the winners list!!! Also thanks alot to Freddy at Freddy's South Park Page for helpin me out with the kenny in a glass award!!! You can see his banner at the bottom of the page!!! After your finished here why don't you go back to the main page and check out all the other cool stuff there! I WILL NOTIFY YOU WETHER YOU WIN OR LOSE!!!

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Winners List!!!!

Eva's Simpsons Site: The Otto Award
TV, Homer and America's Favorite Pastime: The Otto AND The Kenny In A Wine Glass Awards
The Simpsons Hangout: The Otto Award
Kenny's Games: The Kenny In a Glass Award
Little Miss Springfield: The Otto Award
Eye On Springfield: The Otto Award
Deslivio's South Park Page: The Kenny In A Glass Award
Web Boy's Simpson Page: The Otto Award
Rics Simpson Site: The Otto Award
The Great Simpsons Homepage: The Otto Award
A Simpsons Page: The Otto Award
Stacey's Simpsons Page: The Otto Award
Willie's Simpsons Page: The Otto Award
The Simpsons House of Fun: The Otto Award
Stonecutters: The Otto Award
Freds South Park Watering Hole: The Kenny In A Glass Award
Great Stuff From Those Classic Comedies: The Otto Award
Antonio's Simpson Site: The Otto Award

Alex Miller
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