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Simpsons/South Park Conspiracy Theories

Here are many conspiracy theories that I personally have thought up! So that means you can't find it anywhere else on the net (Unless they copied me)!!!! This is the only place you can find these comspiracy theories! This list of conspiracy theories will be updated frequently! (I do not actually beleive or endorse that these theories are actually true, they are for your entertainment only)


# Both act drunk

# Both act stupid

# They both have the same name "Barney"

# Both are fat

# Both have "strange" voices

I think this is substantial evidence that their is a government conspiracy behind the creation of both "Barneys"!!!!

Is OJ Simpson related to the Simpson family in any way, and did FOX cover it up so the show wouldn't get bad ratings???

# Well if you take a look at the pictures it's pretty obvious!

# They all have hair! (This could be hereditary in their family!)

# They all have the same last name "Simpson"!

# Middle initials are the same! (O."J.", Homer "J.", Bart "J.")

Have the Simpsons and South Park Aliens Ever Met? And If So, Do the Simpsons Aliens share the same views on cows as the South Park Aliens Do?

# Well were workin on it.....

# Nope no evidence yet...........

# We're gettin close......

# Anytime soon........

# Awwww.....Forget it!!!!

So maybe there isn't any evidence so what!!!!!!!!!

Legal Stuff:

I'm not affiliated with "FOX" in any way nor is this site authorised by "FOX" I am in no way discrediting O.J. Simpson!!! This site is for your entertaiment only!!!!!

Alex Miller
If you have an idea for a conspiracy theory E-Mail
it to me!