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Coolest collection of links on the web!

Nickeleodeon Online: Great site! Worth visiting!
Alex's web site: My first web site. Not as good as this one but close.
Alex and Jay's web site: My 2nd web site that I made with my friend.
UMN United Media Network: I'm a part of this great network so go there!
My Guestbook: Please take a second to sign my guestbook!
My Answering Machine: Please take a second to leave a message on my answering machine!
Winston's Home Page: See my uncle's award winning nerd page!
Sugar Ray (Fly): Awesome song takes about 2 mins to get!
Savage Garden (Truly Madly Deeply): Awesome song! takes 2-3 mins to get!
Alanis Morisette (Ironic): Great song! Has best part of song takes about 1 min to get!
3rd Eye Blind (Semi Charmed Life): Great song, takes about 2 mins!
Smash Mouth (Walkin On The Sun): Great Song! Takes around 2 mins to download!
Wallflowers (One Headlight): Awesome song! It only takes 2 mins and you get the whole song!
Chumbawamba (Tub Thumping): Great song! You get entire song in about 3-4 mins!
Reel Big Fish (Sell Out): Great song! pretty quick download about 2 mins!
Cliff Dearing's Banner Page: He'll make banners for your page for free!
Nike Domain: Awesome Nike site!!!

  Click Here to see some great Nike pages!
Member of the Nike Link Exchange
Member of the Nike Banner Exchange!Member of the Nike Banner Exchange!
Member of the Nike Banner Exchange

Thanks for coming!

WELCOME! Hey everybody! Thanks for visiting my web site! If you look above this you can see my new Nike Swoosh! I also put a new animated swoosh at the bottom of the page! ______________________________________________________ NAME CHANGE! Hey everybody I changed the name of my web site from "The Awesomest Page on The Net" to The Music and Chat Page" I thought it better described the page even though it's still the awesomest page on the net! ______________________________________________________ CHAT ROOM!!! CHATWORLD is now open!!! To get in go to the animated swoosh at the bottom of the page and click on the link right beside it! ______________________________________________________ MUSIC! Check out "Fly", "Semi-Charmed Life", "Truly Madly Deeply", "Walkin On The Sun", "One Headlight", "Tub Thumping", "Sell Out", and "Ironic" over there on the links! Takes a few minutes but worth it! After you've downloaded it you can come back here any time and listen to it without having to download it again! If you like a song you would like for me to add to the links please see the E-mail section below and contact me and I'll see if I can find it. ______________________________________________________ E-MAIL! Unfortuanately because of the limited space that I have, I had to take out my contact information but you can still e-mail me at or just leave a message on the answering machine or guestbook over to the left on the links. ______________________________________________________ COUNTER! You can check the counter to see how many people like you have visited. It's in the top left corner! ______________________________________________________ LINKS! Also check out my links they will be updated every time I find a cool web site or have time to work on it. There's also some songs you can download on the links too!If you have a cool site you would like for me to add on to my links check out the E-mail section up above where you can learn how to contact me. ______________________________________________________ MAILING LIST! Join my great maling list! There's great contests, quizzes, games, and information on chatting events! Join now by looking at the graphic near the end of the page! ______________________________________________________ TRIPOD! I'd like to thank Tripod for providing there services to me for free! If you would like to make a homepage Tripod's the easiest way to make a good page fast! You can use these graphics and sounds that you found here and lots more on your web page by checking out their page! ______________________________________________________ UMN! This is the United Media Network! It's sorta like an alliance of home pages. Lots of homepages make a link to the UMN homepage where you can get to any one of the pages in the network including this one! Contact me if your interested in joining it! It's free! ______________________________________________________ LINK EXCHANGE! I'm a part of this great service! If you want to join just check out the advertisement at the top of the page! ______________________________________________________ GOODBYE! Please come back because I will be updating this site every chance I get! Thanks for coming! ______________________________________________________ This page is a part of the UMN, United Media Network!

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